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Recent news from Red Rhino

As we prepare for our upcoming Red Egg gathering on October 2—Women at the Center: Keeping Tradition and Community Alive—there is important news from our dear friends at Red Rhino Orphanage in Kenya.

The first news is deeply painful and tragic. And the second important news—the children's first day of school—is not only delightful, but shows all the good reasons why so many people have worked and prayed so long and hard for such a day to happen.

Read both stories in Dave Saunders' images and words. They're linked above. Start with the hard news first.

Dave returned to Kenya when the emergency struck—and that has enabled him not to miss the kids' first day at school. But he'll return to California in time for our October 2 gathering, which will make Women at the Center that much more full of hope and grit.


"The kids are here!"

Maybe you're already aware of Red Rhino Orphanage in Kenya on your own.

Or maybe you remember Red Rhino from our visit with Dave Saunders at the orphanage-in-progress last April. However, our blog from then only gives the smallest inkling of all the work, prayer, planning, "sweat-equity," and love that has gone into this project.

Or maybe you're only learning about Red Rhino right now.

But no matter what path you've taken to get right here, right now, you'll find yourself deeply moved at Dave's account of the first children arriving at Red Rhino just a couple weeks ago.


Esalen Arts Festival 2010

Last weekend we went to the Esalen Arts Festival.

But first, on the way down, we stopped at the Henry Miller Library, where something surprising and interesting is almost always going on.

This time it was "Vinyl in the Woods."

We also stopped to see Brother Condor, too.

And Esalen, as always, was a fantasy-land itself.

So we disported ourselves as best befit the day,

...donning our costumes

...and alter egos

...and painting ourselves up prettily.

Many of us, that is,

...except for those of us who lingered (understandably) too long in the baths.

And then it was time for the parade.

And music and festivities.

And walks through the garden where miracles seem to arise upon command

...whether or not one has even thought to ask for one.

And then we returned home to Rocky Creek where miracles happen moment-to-moment, too.


Dancing the labyrinth

Thanks to everyone, near and far—whether you could join us in person last Saturday or not—for helping us "Open the Circle." The story of that evening is told beautifully in photographs. A couple come from Stephanie Engelsen and a couple from Debi. But most of them come courtesy of Patty Taylor.

The photos describe the rhythm of the evening very well on their own...















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