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Get out in front...and pretend it's a parade

I wasn't sure if anyone would be taking photos yesterday, and since Debi wasn't with me, I figured I better take a few of my own...

...which is not to imply that I was utterly without cohorts

...because even those who still had to work were wearing black and orange, well as sundry other folk.

 If you can't tell who is who, haven't been paying attention all this time.

And there will be no point in trying to explain all the sub-plots to you now.


Nobody was particularly in a hurry to get anywhere.

But by dusk, the busy streets...

...had returned to normal.

Whatever normal might mean in a City as wacky and beautiful as this.




Stephen Fry on language

The video below is not only fun—but might help us freshen and delight in our own language more, too.

Stephen Fry Kinetic Typography - Language from Matthew Rogers on Vimeo.



The open natural road-side artwork of the American West.

This is Deb and Di's verison of Thelma and Louise.

How can you pass up a 3,000 mile road trip with a good friend to visit her 93 year old father? Especially when she thinks this may be her last visit.

And we have been on this gallery crawl before. Starting in Nevada where the landscape hasn't changed much since the Pony Express rode through.

As night was falling we hit Elko and decided to call it a night. Had dinner at the Stray Dog Pub, which used to be a funeral parlor. We gave it 4 stars on Yelp.

The Nevada sky looked pretty darn big to Di and I. But when we got into the heart of Montana we were reminded of what Big Sky really was.

Just nothing quite like the Montana Sky.

After a nice visit with Di's parents we headed south to Lolo, outside of Missoula to Di's cousin's ranch— Dunrovin Ranch on the Bitterroot River.

I was lucky enough to cross that river...

on a Tennessee Walking horse...

And this was on the other side.

Too little time and like the geese we had to head south...

to Seattle where my friend Peg and I took a long walk through the arboretum.

And our last stop, Ashland, where we strolled through Lithia Park.

We arrived home and summer had turned the corner to fall.



Women at the Center: Preview of the Evening


7 pm        Arrive punctually for a guided meditation (further information below); or else arrive at...

8 pm        Dave Saunders introduces Red Rhino Orphanage in Kenya; further reflections on our theme.

8.45 pm   Potluck and conversations continue (please bring a small dish or beverage to share).

If you'd like to attend, you can RSVP here.

Guided meditation at 7 pm

While this meditation is preliminary and optional, we think it will be very helpful. Its intent is to help us recollect moments in our lives when we've felt loved and accepted, particularly in a maternal sense—but maternal in a general way since it's not only our mothers who could have given us this sense of being loved and accepted.

If you have a moment to recollect someone who has helped you feel this way—and want to send us a photo— we'll include it in a round of images we'll show as part of our meditation. You'd have the opportunity to say a few words about this person—but only if you wanted to.

For example, above is a photo of Debi with Mother Miriam from San Vincenzo al Volturno in Italy. She's a person Debi might choose to talk about.

Dave Saunders on Red Rhino Orphanage in Kenya at 8 pm

We're grateful to have our good friend Dave here with us from Kenya. He'll introduce us to Red Rhino and also give us a sense of the need and challenges of doing this kind of work in Africa. For more information about Red Rhino, follow this link to Dave's own blog.

The evening will also feature the art of Nairobi artist Joseph Cartoon. The theme of Joseph's work is the centrality of women in keeping family, culture, and community alive. You can find out more about Joseph's work here. Joseph's paintings will be available for purchase at Women at the Center.

Red Egg prayer beads will also be available—as will notecards featuring the children of Red Rhino. All purchases will benefit Red Rhino Orphanage.


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