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Beginning to create the labyrinth

We've been creating the labyrinth for our next Red Egg gathering: Opening the Circle.

And there have been many hands and eyes on the work. There are so many ways to approach a labyrinth. So many ways to vision it.

They appear all over the world, often in strikingly similar forms. There is the classical, or Cretan, form—so named because of an association with the famous labyrinth that Daedalus designed and in which Theseus slew the Mintotaur.

But that form also has reappeared in Iceland, Scandinavia, and India

...and in the American southwest and elsewhere.

And then there is the more mathematically precise—and in some ways more esoteric—medieval and Christianized form at Chartres, which itself has begotten progeny,

...including at Grace Cathedral in San Francisco, a hub of the labyrinth revival in our own age.

And there are myriad variations upon the themes as well.

And just as there are different forms and different ways of interpreting them, so too are there different ways to imagine, walk, meditate, and practice how these forms relate to the paths and journeys in our own lives.

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