This journal focuses on the art, history, culture, and wildlands of the northern Big Sur coast. Periodic entries and documents appear at random here.



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Wild and Scenic Film Festival: September 13 at the Golden Gate Theater in Monterey

It is the wildness of these mountains—and the wildness of this coast—that makes human life meaningful here.

No coincidence that these three values are conjoined: freedom, wilderness, and solitude.

Fight fiercely for each one—in order to preserve them all.

The Ventana Wilderness Alliance is hosting the upcoming "Wild and Scenic Film Festival."

Date: Saturday, September 13

Place: Golden Gate Theater in Monterey

Time: 7 pm

In addition to presenting "wild and scenic" films located in other wildlands, the VWA's evening will also present original stories filmed in our own wild coast.

When you're building a vibrant local culture, it's not enough to curate. You must also create.

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