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It does seem strange that someone who had managed to slip out of this canyon (in favor of the open road) would choose to return to it — if, in fact, that's what this guy has done.

Wynn Bullock, "Stark Tree," 1956.In terms of driving access (as we ourselves know all too well when considering fire emergencies) there's only one distinct way in and out. It would be one thing if the guy was thinking of lighting out into the mountains, but that hasn't been his modus operandi so far. Rather his m.o. has been to flip over stolen cars and license plates so adroitly that he's stayed one step ahead of the vehicle the police are looking for.

Maybe, like Aaron wonders, he knows someone here, or else like Fred suggests, he's found a "hidey hole."

Wynn Bullock, "Worn Floor," 1952.Either way, if indeed (as I type) he has returned, the canyon must seem more capacious, more full of possibilities, than it would to a typical stranger. Another distinct mark of the suspect's m.o. is the way he's staked out remote and sometimes vacant homes (in Sonoma, Ben Lomond, the Soquel hills). If he has returned, maybe that's what's felt more comforting and familiar to this fugitive than a "box canyon" otherwise should feel.

It would be interesting to re-trace the pace of his flight. The brief news accounts read like one fast burn — breaking into remote homes and flipping over stolen cars at a breakneck pace from Sonoma (at least) until here. But does he hole up in a place for awhile when he can? Does he need to catch his breath once in awhile? How much speed is involved?

As I type, maybe he's already barreling down the coast road in another stolen vehicle with flipped license plates that the police don't quite recognize. Or maybe he's hunkered down for a breathing spell and a case of beer in someone's empty cabin.


Boulder Creek Robbery, Burglary Suspect on the Lam After Big Sur Chase

Dimitri Storm Strikes Again; Big Sur on High Alert

"Suspect" — Big Sur Kate.

Reader Comments (1)

Hopefully not "our" empty cabin. And your beer isn't cold.

April 19, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterDebi

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