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Red Egg jewelry is inspired by the idea of continuing the connections with spiritual and cultural traditions. Ehtiopian coptic crosses are featured in our work. Since the 4th century Christian faith has played an integral role in the lives of the people of Ethiopia. It is customary to give coptic cross pendants at baptism and these crosses are worn as a symbol of faith, reflecting the richness of the hearts of people in the Ethiopian Church. Red Egg also uses Tuareg crosses made by the Koumama family from Agadez, Niger. Their high quality sterling silver jewelry is created using traditional Tuareg methods, hand cast by lost wax methods using the same hand tools used for centuries. Their "cross"designs are associated with different nomadic tribes in the Saharan Desert. They refer to the pendants as 'teneghelt' having to do with the way they are made by pouring the melted silver in to a was mold. Other crosses and amulets are used in our jewelry including Mexican Yalalag crosses, blessed amulets from Thailand, Byzantine crosses and other pendants created with a sacred intention.